Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recipe Review - Vegalicious' Eggplant

We've made alot of tasty meals this past week, including Vegalicious' Baked Eggplant with Corn Flake Crust. Eggplant was on sale and we happened to have some Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise Corn Flakes on hand, so we thought this recipe would be great to make. And it was!
We only used one eggplant and one onion, used a can of diced unsalted tomatoes, and 2 cups of corn flakes. Very delicious and simple and quick to make! We just sauted onion and eggplant in the skillet like suggested, then mixed 1/3 cup of corn flakes into the eggplant mixture. Coated the bottom and top with remaining corn flakes, then baked for just 15 minutes!

Leftovers are always great to change it up a bit - we put it in a large whole wheat tortilla and had a delicious wrap! This dish would be good with added bell pepper or mushrooms.

We don't often bake eggplant, but this recipe prooves that using eggplant in meals can be easy and quick, and we will definetely be cooking eggplant more often. It's such a unique vegetable in texture and shape, and of course is nutritious!

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Ricki said...

Sounds great. I don't often eat eggplant, but actually had some today! Now I know what I'll do next time. . .