Sunday, March 1, 2009

Have Cake, Will Travel Reviews

We are bread lovers.

We love baking and eating breads, even drooling at breads that we see at the store or online. Every week we look forward to trying a new bread recipe or modifying a favorite bread recipe.

Our main bread sources include:

King Arthur Whole Grain Cookbook...

Bob's Red Mill Recipes...

online blogs...

and Have Cake, Will Travel.

Celine's breads are always the BEST! We try to make bread every week, and quite often the recipes come from Celine.

So far, here are her recipes that we've enjoyed making (and eating):

Rye Whole Wheat Bread - see our comments about this delicious bread here.

Pumpkin Wheat Bread - Made a Sweet Potato version , described here.

Hummus Bread - comments shown here.

Tahini Rolls that we made last weekend! And Tomato (Salsa) Bread that we made yesterday!

We loved the tahini bread- soo soft and nutty. Great with a veggie burger, hummus, or dipped with olive oil or with avocado slices! We made 7 huge buns; these rose so nicely and have a soft smooth texture. We are thinking of making them again but adding some garlic and/or wheat germ.

We also enjoyed the tomato bread - such a beautiful color. Instead of salsa, we used 3/4 cup chopped tomatoes (1 large roma), 1/4 cup diced sundried tomatoes, and 5 Tb tomato paste. Also used different flours and added 1 tsp basil. A good garden bread (although we made ours a little too moist this time), that would be wonderful in pizza form - to add extra basil and some garlic, and then have a simple elegant pizza topped with olive oil, spinach, and mushrooms! Or to use salsa, make salsa buns, and have them with black bean burgers and avocado!

THANKS for the wonderful recipes Celine, we always look forward to using your bread recipes and getting creative bread ideas from you. - LK


Anonymous said...

wow that tomato bread sounds great! i need to try that!

Mihl said...

Your bread looks great! I also love Celine's bread recipes very much. I've tried many from her blog and they always came out great and tasted amazing.

Celine said...

so sweet, thanks for the review! I just noticed your post now. out of it, me?

dreaminitvegan said...

Great looking bread I've made a couple of Celine's as well and they always turn out perfect and tasty!