Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are the whole grain baker queens

Busy bees baking in the kitchen on the weekends! We have stuff to do on our to-do list, but the kitchen is like a magnet and we just spend most of our weekends cooking and trying new dishes. Since we're in the kitchen for a good chunk of the day, our whole apartment is filled with warmth from the oven, along with comforting smells of baked goods! You gotta love carbs and baked goods!
Homemade granola (low sugar, low fat, high fiber) from David's Pure Vegetarian Kitchen Cookbook! We will make our own cereal every week now. We used different grains, such as rolled barley flakes, rolled spelt flakes, rolled triticale, and rolled thick oats. This was a very chewy, nutty, and hearty granola - delicious in every bite! A lot cheaper than buying granola, fresher, and healthier.

Versatile, too! For one morning, we served this with pecans, dates, and almond milk. Other ideas: Add some orange zest and dried cranberries, pumpkin pie spice, pecans, dried apricots, figs, dried apples and apple pie spice, hemp seeds, flax, etc....For another morning, we tried it warmed, and this helped to soften the chewy grains.

Bob's Red Mill Pumpernickle Crackers, with pumpernickle meal! We love all of Bob's grains - so unique, fresh, and flavorful. These crackers had a nice crunch. (Although, only people with strong jaws/teeth should eat these, because of the hearty texture of the pumpernickle meal!) Lightly flavored with caraway seeds, these were really tasty with avocado. On a side note, the pumpernickle meal is really tasty on its own, cooked, then drizzled with a little olive oil.

Another David's Pure Vegetarian Kitchen recipe - "sourdough" biscuits, with creamy white beans and lemon juice for the "tang". Really good and soft. Sometimes, it had the taste of creamy white bean soup with a biscuit! Also good with olive oil.

More bread, of course. As bread lovers, we weren't satisfied with just one type of carb...we had to also make oat muffins- using oats, oat bran, and homemade oat milk! I think our blood pressure dropped just from thinking about weekend, we also made homemade multigrain tortillas and pecan wheat bread! Both recipes came from King Arthur Whole Grain Baking cookbook. Like all of the recipes in that cookbook (although not all vegan, we have to adapt them), the bread came out delicious - nutty, soft, fluffy, heavenly.

With all this talk about bread/baked goods, we're going to go eat some more nourishing carbs! :) Chao!


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great healthy granola!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for carbs, indeed! Great job!

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You've been tagged!