Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Longer a Silky Drink

Has anyone noticed the changes from Silk Soy milk?

This article outlines the "secret" changes that Dean Foods has made to Silk Soy milk. Apparently, most of their products are just "natural" and the soybeans may be coming from China. Very shocking to hear that Dean Foods has changed the Silk brand so much.

So what are you drinking instead?

We love to drink Rice Dream Enriched Rice Milk, Pearl Soy Milk, So Nice Soy Milk, Quality Chek'd Soy Milk (store Brand), Eden Foods Soy Milks, Pacific Foods Oat Milk, and Living Harvest Vanilla Hemp Milk.

And, has anyone tried So Delicious Coconut Milks? Are they really coconuty, or are they a good substitute to soy that's mild enough for baking or breakfast cereals? Just wondering!

Any really good non-dairy milks that you all like?

Have a great rest of the weekend,


Vegetation said...

We get different brand in Australia to the US, but I absolutely adore Vitasoy brand of Oat Milk. It's closely followed by home made almond milk or a mixture of home made almond and cashew using raw nuts. It's deliciously creamy.

Vegetation said...

Errr sorry, I should learn to spell check before I hit send! That's meant to be brands.

Andrea said...

Wow, I never noticed the changes. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to link to this information on my blog, and bring it up at our food coop.

dreaminitvegan said...

Thanks for the updated info regarding silk. Why are they so sneaky. I tried oat milk but it was way too sweet for us. There is a review of the So Delicious Coconut Milk at
We also enjoy hemp, almond and rice milk as well.

aTxVegn said...

I quit drinking soymilk a long time ago and switched to unsweetened almond milk. I did just buy the unsweetened coconut milk and I don't like it on cereal but I LOVE it for baking and cooking. It's super creamy and thicker than the other milks.

wingraclaire said...

I noticed a change in the texture before I heard about the changes in ingredients. Not fair! I can't believe it... and I don't really drink any other kind, so I'll have to branch out. We always used to drink Edensoy and really liked it... so perhaps we'll go back to that?

Anonymous said...

I hate silk! Right now my soy milk brand is VitaSoy.

But I'm really committed to Living Harvest Vanilla Hempmilk - the perfect nondairy milk, imho.

Anonymous said...

My favorite soy milk is Trader Joe's unsweetened. I started drinking rice milk recently too because I am trying to cut out the soy products. Even though rice milk is sweeter than soy, I like it.

Anonymous said...

really dissapointed about the changes to Silk, I guess I'm going to have to start testing other soy milks. Thanks for the information!