Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raw Autumn Delights

Laughter is the best medicine....of course, vegan raw food is even better! We made some wonderful raw sweets over the past few weeks, and now it will be easier to make raw food with our trusty Vitamix. Raw vegan food makes you feel so rejuvenated and lively!

For lunch today, we enjoyed our first homemade fruit & veggie smoothie - a plum, frozen bananas, a few dried apricots, and a zucchini! The vitamix was so quick to blend it - eating veggies is so easy now!

We also enjoyed an apple fig medley (~80% raw), with diced local apples, dried fig pieces (Bob's Red Mill), Frontier's Apple Pie Spice seasoning, and no-sugar added natural apple cider. Hints of cinnamon, orange, and Autumn! Fresh, yet warming.

A refreshing treat to cool you down - homemade raw ice cream! Bananas, homemade almond mylk, cinnamon, and agave. We enjoyed it with Pure of Holland's apple cinnamon bar (The apples are so good. The bar is similar to Larabar, but has brown rice protein. They claim it's all raw.)

With the almond pulp leftover from making almond mylk, we made raw almond apricot cinnamon cookies, just "dehydrated" in our oven at the lowest temperature.

Our major raw treat this week was sweet potato vanilla spice cinnamon rolls, with currants. We followed the cinnamon roll recipe we used last time, but shredded raw sweet potato in the Vitamix and addeed dried currants to make a "Halloween" filling.
Instead of using all almonds for the nuts, we used half raw almonds, half raw pecans. Then, for the icing, we mixed Artisana's Raw Walnut Butter with Frontier's 5 spice powder and some water. The sweet potato filling made it moist and more nutritious! We'd like to do maple, lemon blueberry, apple, and pumpkin variations, too. This filled us up for hours.

It's so nice to indulge in dessert when it's good for you! Happy Autumn!

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Anonymous said...

You are having so much VitaMix fun! Color me jealous!

Seriously, though, everything you are making looks absolutely wonderful!