Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On Overload

So this week we are suffering from brain overload! If you are in school, a word of advice - try to avoid biochemistry! We have an exam next Monday, and it seems like it covers a whole semester of information - 5 thick chapters of information! Not to bore you, but it covers graphs, calculations, molecular structures, and memorizing other stuff...Yuck! Those of you who have a college degree, how did you ever get through all of the stress? We are surly ready to graduate, but have to endure school through summer 08! It is especially unappealing to have to be in school here in Texas for that long, because it is STILL so HOT. (was about 85 today) :(

The only good thing to look forward to - Aggie Ring Day on Friday and Thanksgiving next week! Aggie Ring Day is a special occasion for seniors at Texas A&M University in which they receive their college ring. It is a symbol of prestige (that we are "seniors" or "graduates") and of pride for our school. Gig'em Aggies!

Anyways, with all of the upcoming stuff we have going on, this post will be a short post. We will be back, though, after the exam, and write a normal post next Tuesday.

What's one of your favorite winter seasonal foods you look forward to? We love anything orange, so sweet potatoes and pumpkin are great! But, we also look forward to egg nog and cranberries and Holiday baked goods! We bought Silk Egg Nog this week and it is even better than regular egg nog!

We also bought Odwalla Soy Protein Pumpkin Seasonal Flavor Drink. It is also very good! Like creamy pumpkin pie thinned out into a soy milk drink. We also used it in a pumpkin banana smoothie. Pumpkin makes things rich and decadent.

Also, we recently got introduced to pomegranates, as we have never tried them before. They are SOO good. The only bad thing is that they STAIN and the inside looks like honeycomb layers. Once we got the hang of getting out the seeds, they taste great - juicy juice and chewy seeds. We splurged and had So Delicious Pomegranate Chip soy ice cream for a snack today, and it was yummy.

Do any of you know how else to use pomegranates besides just eating them as is?

Non-food related, isn't this the cutest thing? This is one of our parent's cats, Joey chilling out in the bathroom sink.
How do you all stay upbeat in times of stress and overload?

Wishing everyone peace of mind,

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maybepigscanfly said...

I totally know what you mean about school overload. I'm graduating in December and I've been writing so many papers I think my head is going to explode!

Yum I love pumpkin and sweet potato too. Sorry I can't help you with the pomegranates because I have just always eaten them as is- but I know that there are recipes out there (maybe pomegranate jam would be easy?).

And to get back to you finally on your question you asked on my blog about quinoa. I've always said that I prefer red quinoa to white quinoa, but I'm pretty sure that it's just in my head that they actually taste different. So I can't say the black quinoa tastes any different either. But I can tell you that the black quinoa grain is smaller than the red and white. It slips through my strainer whereas the other two don't. Either way I love using all 3 to have some variety and a very colorful dish. I definitely think you should try the red and black variety.