Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Seasons New Foods

Have you ever been to New Seasons Market?

It's such a great store here in Oregon. A store that focuses on local produce, the community, sustainability, recycling, fresh foods, organic, catering, cooking, nutrition - just look at the list of links on the left side of the website! A long list about their community goals!

We think it's better than Whole Foods and Central Market.

When we went last month, we found delicious new foods to try out!

Vicola Cornmeal Pizza Crust - the best store bought pizza crust we've tried! Delicious - slightly sweet and nutty from the cornmeal. They also sell Spelt Cornmeal Pizza Crust, which actually has more fiber and is made with whole grain spelt flour. The only disappointment (besides the fiber) is the fat is somewhat high at 10 g and a tad high in sodium. But great crust when you want to make some pizza quick! We had a delicious pizza with homemade tomato garlic sauce (lots of garlic!), local onion and tomatoes and fresh basil. Other pizza ideas would be to make a black bean corn mexican pizza or a hummus zucchini spinach pizza!

Food Merchants Organic Mushroom and Onion Polenta
We would like to try the other flavors of this polenta, or even make our own, but this flavor just tasted too much like a meat flavor. You know, sometimes mushroom flavors taste meaty, hearty? And it was a tad salty, but the texture was good, and we sliced the polenta and cooked it on a skillet until browned. Good with a tomato sauce.

Raw Makery Rye Sticks - delicious! We loved these dipped in hummus, tahini, mustard sauce, tomato sauce... The textures is just like a regular baked cracker stick. What we liked about these raw crackers was the ingredients -
organic sprouted buckwheat groats, fresh organic golden and/or brown flax seeds, organic oranges, organic yams, organic sunflower seeds, organic onions, organic garlic, organic cold pressed olive oil, organic basil, organic rosemary, organic caraway seeds & celtic sea salt.
Buckwheat, flax, orange, sunflower seeds, and yam! Very good flavor, texture, and nutrition.Raw Makery has a great line of raw products!

King Harvest Toasted Sesame Hummus
- The best storebought hummus is King Harvest's! And there local here too.

Apple and Cranberry Suncakes
of course are delicious, a not-too-sweet snack bar that satisfies your dessert cravings and that fills you up. We love the Hearthrives because it has added calcium.

Nana's Gluten-Free Ginger Cookie - we didn't care for this one:( Too sweet with a ricey taste and a delicate crumb. We've also tried her No Gluten Nana Banana Cookie Bar and it was not good, with a fake banana flavor and an odd texture of crumbly rice flour with firm crisps.

De Boles Organic Pastas are our favorite pastas. So many flavors and shapes. Flavors such as Spinach, Tomato Basil, and Red Bell Pepper, made with grains such as Whole Wheat, Ancient Grains, Gluten Free Corn, and Gluten Free Whole Grains. Even the gluten free pasta has a good texture and bite.

French Meadow Bakery Organic Hemp Bagels
Another favorite! So chewy and nutty and full of whole grains and nutritious ingredients. Can't wait to try their Kamut Bread, Sprouted Peasant Rolls, Hemp Rolls, Our Daily Bread, and Hemp Tortillas!

La Rosa Flaxseed and Sesame Tortilla Chips are ok in flavor, but good in nutrition with flax and sesame seeds. La Rosa also carries multigrain tortilla chips (which we thought looked just like the best multigrain tortilla chips you can get at Bob's Red Mill Store).

Sunshine Organic Falafel - very good in flavor and texture, but expensive for just 3 patties. Great in a pita with avocado and tahini or mustard! We liked how they use sunflower seed, rice, and chickpeas. Eager to try their Breakfast Patty!

Cajun's Choice Jambalaya Mix is a easy way to whip up some jambalaya! We just mixed this seasoning in brown rice, with tomatoes, tomato sauce, bell pepper, onion, and kale, but it would be awesome with black-eyed peas and okra.

Well, we have more products from New Seasons that we enjoyed, but we'll post that next time!

We are always so excited to see new creative products on the market, so please comment with some foods that you recently found and enjoyed. Or comment about a new product that you didn't like!

Enjoy your day,


Andrea said...

Is that the French Meadow Bakery from Minneapolis? They make such good breads, and we love to eat in their restaurant in Minneapolis Airport when we travel.

Linda said...

Great post! I am enjoying reading your blog!

aTxVegn said...

How lucky to have that store to shop in! I've tried some of the raw makery crackers and liked them all. And of course all of Nana's cookies are great.