Saturday, December 13, 2008

Larabar and Heart Thrive Product Reviews

We love generous vegan companies!

We had the wonderful opportunity to receive a full box of Larabars, variety pack, all for free! Of course, Larabars are one of the most natural and nutritious snack bars we know of. No extracts, sugar, grains, protein added, etc...just pure fruit and nuts! What are all of your favorite flavors?
Although all of them are great, we especially enjoy key lime, cinnamon roll, pecan pie, and apple pie. I remember the first time we tried ginger we didn't care for it, but this recent time that we had it, it was actually very tasty - spiced with a zing. Their new coconut cream flavor is exactly what it says - richly coconuty. The peanut butter flavor we can't say if it is good, because we try to avoid peanuts, but for a peanut butter snack, this is the way to go. Not a usual PB cookie with processed unhealthy fats and sugar!

Another great company offering nutritious vegan snacks is Healthy Baking Co., which sells Suncakes and Heart Thrives. If you take a photo showing how much you love to eat Heart Thrives, you may have the opportunity to receive 2 dozen free bars if they decide to post your photo online. You can also get 6 free bars just from being a first time customer! Here's the photo we submitted: We love the Heart Thrives - it contains calcium for strong bones, fiber, and soy. Heart Thrives are wonderful because they can be eaten for breakfast, snack, or dessert in many ways. Try them slightly heated, straight from the freezer, with jam, with nut butter or coconut butter, toasted, crumbled in yogurt or ice cream, or sprinkled with some cinnamon! They aren't too sweet and they are incredibly filling.

Which flavors did we enjoy the most? This was a tough decision, but we chose Lemon Poppyseed, Raisin Spice, and Apple as our top three. The other great flavors include chocolate chip, date, apricot, and cranberry.

Hope everyone is safe and warm during this cold winter season! Go grab a Heart Thrive and/or Larabar, drink a cup of tea, open a good book, and just relax....
Best wishes, LK Sisters


Ruby Red Vegan said...

Oh my gosh, I love Heart Thrives too! They are my favorite "bar" above all others. I don't know if I can pick a favorite flavor... I love them heated up in the oven! Your Thanksgiving photo with them is so cute; that just might be a winner right there. I have heard about their photo giveaways also but I haven't gotten around to taking a picture with them.

You are so lucky for the free Larabars! My faves are PB Cookie, Cashew Cookie, and Coconut Cream Pie. I also love the Jocalat bars.

aTxVegn said...

I have never seen Heart Thrives, but I will certainly seek out their products. You didn't mention my favorite Lara Bar flavor - cherry pie!