Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recent Finds at Sprouts Farmers Market

Last weekend when we visited Dallas, we also got a chance to go to Sprouts Farmers Market! Sprouts had a huge selection of organic and natural products - produce, processed foods, juice, soy, frozen, and health & beauty. We especially liked the bulk, all the natural lotions & shampoos, the cereals & snacks, and the soy milk & soy yogurt. We also liked how they support local farmers. Here are some of our recent finds at Sprouts that we tried:

So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt Cinnamon BunWe've heard great reviews about the new So Delicious soy yogurts, especially the Cinnamon flavor, as it is supposed to taste like a cinnamon roll. After trying this, we still like Whole Soy & Co soy yogurts best. This yogurt tasted like the cinnamon rolls you buy at a bakery, not necessarily the same flavor of cinnamon rolls you make yourself at home (perhaps more raisiny flavor if that makes sense?). And this yogurt was quite rich for our taste and a little runny.

As for the Whole Soy & Co. soy yogurts, we've been on a roll with finding new flavors! Last time we reviewed Whole Soy yogurts, we had tried lemon, cherry, and raspberry. We were jumping up and down when Sprouts had apricot mango and mixed berry! The apricot mango tasted similar to peach, but with a slight mango flavor and more sweet. The mixed berry was quite tasty and we enjoyed it with some frozen wild blueberries. The only yogurt of Whole Soy & Co that we haven't found yet to try is strawberry banana (which sounds so good!). So, minus the strawberry banana, here are our rankings of all the Whole Soy & Co yogurts:

1. Mixed Berry and Blueberry tie! 2. Cherry 3. Strawberry 4. Raspberry 5. Peach 6. Vanilla 7. Apricot Mango 8. Lemon 9. Plain

*The top 5 flavors (mixed berry through raspberry) were all so hard to rank - they are that good!

We love Guiltless Gourmet chips, but still had yet to try the Chili Verde and the Chili Lime Chips. At Sprouts we were delighted to see the Guiltless Gourmet Chili Lime Chips! These chips were slightly spicy, definitely limy, very crispy, and overall tasty! Great with pineapple salsa and guacamole. Would be awesome with black bean dip!

Thirsty for fresh cold orange juice? Try Simply Orange Orange Juice, Grove Made. 100% juice, not from concentrate, and with lots of pulp! This is so refreshing, especially in smoothies! We made peach orange smoothie, banana orange smoothie, and strawberry banana orange smoothie. We are eager to make that Spiral Diner smoothie we had - with lots of berries, almond milk, orange juice, banana, and pineapple.

Hope you all are findings some great food finds! Stay tuned for more tasty food finds next week - we're going to San Antonio (our mom and step-dad just moved there) and we'll be visiting some natural food stores!



Paulina said...

I've been wanting to try So Delicious' cinnamon roll flavored yogurt for a while now. I think it's about time I go out and buy it!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

I don't buy soy yogurt too often, but I'll have to try Whole Soy & Co. after these rave reviews! I want the blueberry one. I liked the cinnamon bun flavor of So Delicious a lot, so hopefully I love Whole Soy! =) Thanks for the product reviews!

Vegan_Noodle said...

I agree with the review of the so delicious yogurt... it was a bit too thick for my liking. Have fun in San Antonio!