Friday, February 15, 2008

A Food Photo Album (& some)

Finally! A moment to post all of our wonderful food for the past few weeks. Our schedules have been so busy - this semester is going to get even more busier, so expect to see sporadic posting every now and then :(
Canada, 2006

Lent has begun and what did we give up for it?? Honey and yogurt and any minute animal ingredients in processed food, which makes us vegan for Lent! And we are so excited, as this is a great opportunity to be vegan and perhaps keep it up even after Easter. We've actually been loving agave nectar and Whole Soy & Co soy yogurt more so than honey and yogurt. So... this blog should really be a vegan food haven!

Now onto the food album (sorry for poor quality pictures):
Indian Potato Spinach Dish with Quinoa, from Soy of Cooking cookbook (probably one of our favorite cookbooks now!)
- great flavors and so creamy. Love the local yams.

Salsa Veggie Soup with Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cornbread
- a soup concoction with spicy herb garlic salsa, broccoli, and beans.
- used Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Corn Flour which made the cornbread oh so soft and delicate!

Veganomicon Chickpea Noodle Soup
- good with tons of chickpeas and noodles; the miso was a little strong though

Curried Tofu Wedges (Veganomicon) with Curried Cauliflower and Tomatoes
- Awesome tofu - one of the best tofu marinades! Love lots of curry!

Sloppy Joes with Lentils
- used our recipe but instead of textured soy protein, used a can of lentils. Easy and tasty! Especially with homemade wheat buttermilk bread (another Soy of Cooking recipe) with a great texture and sliced perfectly. (note - pic to the far right is from this post here)

We also changed up the bread recipe slightly and made rye bread - had it with tofu scramble and swiss chard.

Roasted Lemon Potatoes (Veganomicon)
- Another awesome recipe - the lemon gave it a great flavor, slightly tangy. We used tons of nutritional yeast!

For an easy lunch - mash up one avocado and sprinkle some garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and nutritional yeast. Serve with bread or cucumbers. A quick guacamole!

We've been attempting to eat more vegetables and greens - we seem to have swiss chard or spinach 3 times a week. We also have been eating more fruits - frozen blueberries in our cereal for breakfast (along with sprinklings of flax meal), firm grapes, sweet apples, and creamy divine mango.

One last note:
We recently found out about the Christian Vegetarian Association. There values seem to be so true - on being vegetarian for health, for animals, and for reasons dealing with the poor and hungry and being caretakers of the earth.

About the Christian Vegetarian Association

The Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA) is an international, non-denominational ministry of believers dedicated to respectfully promoting healthy, Christ-centered and God-honoring living among Christians.

We advocate nutritious plant-based diets in the global Christian community. Through publications, websites, and related public information campaigns, we educate people about the distinct health, environmental, and animal-related advantages of plant-based eating.

And here is a wonderful article on "Christianity and Vegetarianism." This article sums up everything that we believe why we are vegetarian. And everytime an omnivore asks us why we are vegetarian or if we get enough protein or if we eat enough, etc, we should refer them to this article!

Cheers to food, good health, and a more compassionate world!
- LK


Vegan_Noodle said...

What a great time to give up honey and dairy yogurt!! I have not missed either since going vegan because there are such great subs.

All the food looks delicious. I have been wanting to try a sloppy joe recipe (have seen several out there). I like your call of using lentils!!

aTxVegn said...

Your soups look so good, although I'm ready for soup weather to be over.

I'm glad you've found some vegan subs for your yogurt and honey.