Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Bit of This & That Seasoned Tofu Cutlets

These tofu cutlets are easy to cook up! (We don't really measure spices or amount of time to cook up...)

A Little Bit of This & That Seasoned Tofu Cutlets

1 block of Tofu, cut into 8-12 cutlets
A little spice of Cayenne pepper
Lots of squirts of Bragg’s
Lots of sprinkles of Garlic powder
Lots of shakes of Dried Basil
Lots of showers of Nutritional yeast
Lots of love of Creamy avocado

1. Add a little spice, squirt, and sprinkle to each tofu cutlet, then brown tofu on either side in a skillet.

2. Tofu is done - now to serve, add lots of love, then on top add more squirts and sprinkles, and lots of shakes and showers! Enjoy with sandwich bread, on crackers, or in a rice bowl.

YUM! Our favorite way to have tofu! - LK

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monique said...

I was wondering which oils you use for frying the tofu and other foods. I mainly use what we call in Holland "koolzaadolie" which is translated "rapeseed oil"- a healthy oil to use and organic. But I have been confused with the American "canola oil" and although I think this is the same oil, I read that canola is very unhealthy. Yes, I'm confused about these oils and was wondering if you can help out? Thanks.